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Celebrate ICP's Alien Tech!

The 2024 ICP Community Conference ("ICPCC") is a global Web3 event celebrating the 3rd mainnet launch anniversary of the Internet Computer Protocol ("ICP"). Anyone can join this free event either virtually, or by attending a local meetup!

Whether you're already active in Web3 or just looking to learn more, ICPCC 2024 is the perfect starting point!

Event Date: May 10th, 2024
Ticket Price: Free

What makes ICP "Alien Tech?"

The Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) is a decentralized cloud and L1 blockchain that finally makes it possible for any Web3 dapp to become competitive with Web2 applications!


Imagine ICP as a cloud service similar to Amazon, but without Jeff Bezos. ICP's decentralized cloud hosts websites and powerful computing on a global scale, making Web3 as user-friendly as Web2 while empowering users with true control.


Web Services

Until now, DAOs could only control a few dapp parameters. With ICP, we can create DAOs which control the full source code of a dapp. This empowers transparent user-driven governance & collective ownership of complex online services.


ICP smart contracts can sign transactions on other blockchains just like a human user without using any centralized services. Beyond serving as an L2, this enables the creation of cross-chain decentralized autonomous actors/bots!

What ICP unlocks for:


ICP makes BTC smart contracts possible! Web3 devs are using ICP to unlock liquidity for BTC miners, build the first decentralized BTC mining pools, & create Ordinal NFT marketplaces/services which are fast & gas-free to use.


ICP empowers all EVM chains with decentralized automations, increased scalability, & Web2 integrations. ETH dapps can also directly manage/pay for their own ICP hosting, storage, and oracle costs, making user friendly & fully immutable ETH services finally possible!

Other Chains

ICP smart contracts can act as decentralized autonomous users on other blockchains, and they can connect to Web2 APIs without oracles. This makes it easier than ever to build Web3 dapps on any chain which can integrate with Web2 to provide real-world utility.

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