A New DAO Blueprint

ICPCC DAO LLC is using ICP tech to become the first 100% community-controlled & fully self-sustaining decentralized conference event series! (recap of ICPCC 2023)

the DAO

  • The DAO will control 100% of the ICP raised during its SNS swap sale, use the treasury to hire vendors to organize its events, and then receive the income from event ticket sales and sponsorships back into its treasury.
  • The ICPCC DAO LLC is a fully independent Marshall Islands Non-Profit DAO LLC, able to sign legal agreements and manage Intellectual Property exclusively via on-chain SNS proposals with no human agents or custodians.
  • This DAO will not delegate any authority/control to agents or a leadership team. Instead, it'll hire an ICPCC Council to produce quality proposals following the DAO's constitution for the DAO to vote on.

the Launch

  • The decentralization swap sale will go live on May 11th at 15:00 UTC (10am CST / 5pm CET) on the NNS launchpad and distribute 41% of the total $CONF supply to sale participants.
  • Contributors of the first 80,000 ICP raised will qualify for an "early-bird" airdrop bonus that represents 4% of the total $CONF supply.
  • The DAO launch is verifiably fair and fully automated through smart contracts built into DAO that runs ICP. As an SNS DAO, it'll have a gasless on-chain governance interface and a secure decentralized treasury from day 1.
  • SNS swap sale contributors receive a native $CONF token, which will be the DAO governance token and provide utility as the sole asset accepted for ICPCC event attendee tickets, VIP perks, and officially branded ICPCC Event merch.
More Information

How to Participate

  1. Create an Internet Identity. (30 second video)
  2. Load ICP into your NNS wallet. (List of exchanges to purchase ICP)
  3. Contribute ICP through the NNS launchpad.

ICPCC The swap sale will begin on May 11th at 15:00 UTC (10am CST / 5pm CET). Check the NNS Launchpad and follow @icp_cc for updates!

$CONF is not an investment. $CONF will have no cash value, and no promises for future price, value, or gains are being made by any party. ICPCC DAO LLC is independent and experimental. The creation and sale of the $CONF token is being done on behalf of the ICPCC DAO LLC by the NNS, which is also an independent DAO. By participating in the ICPCC SNS Swap sale, you’re agreeing to the Operating Agreement of the ICPCC DAO LLC. Nothing in this document is a recommendation to buy or financial advice, do your own research.

Explore ICP

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Top ICP Ecosystem Projects:


Dmail Network is an AI-powered decentralized communication infrastructure built to provide encrypted emails, unified notifications, and targeted marketing across multiple chains and dApps for users, developers, marketers and influencers


Bioniq is the fastest Ordinals marketplace. Buy, sell, and trade with no gas fees, near-instant finality, and decentralized secure token bridging.


Nuance is a Web3.0 blogging platform that is hosted on-chain end-to-end on the Internet Computer. Developed by Aikin Dapps, the alpha of the world's first blogging platform to be hosted entirely on a blockchain has now launched. Nuance aims to bring NFTs into the world of editorial content ownership.


An innovative developer team that has produced a variety of tooling and dapps for the ICP ecosystem including: userGeek, nftGeek, confiGeek, canisterGeek, idGeek, vpGeek


1st 100% trustless omnichain interoperability protocol that connects Bitcoin, Ethereum, Appchains, L1s/L2s/L3s within Omnity Network.


$CLOWN token: Fostering unity, engagement, fun, and education in the ICP ecosystem, transcending meme coins with genuine utility and value.

Loka Mining

Loka is a platform that enables retail investors to acquire BTC at better than market prices through co-investing with Bitcoin miners. The arrangement is based on a trustless non-custodial escrow solution, which eliminates any exposure to centralized party risk.


OpenChat is a fully decentralized real-time messaging service that is indistinguishable from Web2 chat apps while living 100% on the blockchain. This allows users to send crypto to each other - including Bitcoin - and own a part of OpenChat through CHAT tokens.


Building the New Web3 Social Hub: Communities, Events & Seamless Token Transfer. Join now!


ELNA.ai is the world's first fully on-chain decentralized GenAI Companion. It is a community-driven decentralized AI Agent creation platform on Internet computer.


A provably fair and addicting dice game that uses secured onchain VRF on ICP. Playable on both ICP and Arbitrum, uses the new HybridX token standard on Arbitrum.


VaultBet is redefining online betting on the Internet Computer. Hosted completely on-chain and built on the IC. Whether it's sports, lottery or arcade - users can experience transparency, security, and community-driven gambling like never before.


ICPSwap is DEX built completely end-to-end on-chain. By building the ability for anyone to swap tokens through ICPSwap leveraging the Internet Computer blockchain as the high-speed, scalable, low-cost infrastructure makes ICPSwap a first-to-market in the growing Internet Computer DeFi ecosystem.


The fully on-chain oracles for secure and reliable decentralized data feeding and automation across multiple chains. Experience seamless real-world data integration across various blockchains, powering dynamic, secure, and efficient dapps. Elevate your blockchain journey with us!


Unleash your inner commander and dominate the metaverse in the action-packed universe of Cosmicrafts. Engage in thrilling interstellar battles, strategize with allies, and conquer the cosmos. Are you ready to claim your place among the stars?


Proactive, automated, no-code canister management for the Internet Computer.